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Course Prerequisites

Students must have successfully satisfied the UMBC prerequisite requirements -- or be currently enrolled in the prerequisite course(s) -- before registering in courses with prerequisite requirements.

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Minimum Grade Requirement

  • Students currently enrolled in a course that has a “C or better prerequisite requirement" for a summer or winter course will be granted permission to enroll in the upcoming session, but may be required to verify their final grade once current course grades are published.
  • Students must drop their course if the minimum grade criteria of the prerequisite course is not met.
  • Please be aware of the schedule adjustment deadlines and the refund schedule BEFORE you enroll.

Prerequisite Override Request

  • If you receive a registration error indicating that you do not have the appropriate prerequisites, or that you need consent to register, submit a prerequisite override request to the Office of Summer and Winter Programs.
  • Students granted a prerequisite override will be given student-specific permission to enroll.
  • Please be aware that a prerequisite override does NOT guarantee your enrollment in the course. 
  • You are still required to register as soon as possible through myUMBC to secure your seat in the class.

What to Include in Your Prerequisite Override Request

  • Your name and UMBC campus ID#.
  • The name and number of the UMBC course(s) you wish to enroll in.
  • The name and number of the course(s) from your home institution that fulfills the UMBC prerequisite course requirement.
  • A copy of your unofficial transcript (if you did not previously submit a transcript with your admission application) that includes the prerequisite course(s) and final grade received.
  • Please be sure that your transcript clearly shows your name and the name of your home institution.
  • Submit prerequisite override request.

Special Information for Visiting Students

  • UMBC's registration system does not recognize non-UMBC students’ prior course history, so visiting students are blocked from registering in any UMBC course with prerequisite requirements.
  • Even if you submit your transcript with your admissions application, your non-UMBC course history will NOT be entered into UMBC's registration system. You must still submit a prerequisite override request.
  • When you apply for a prerequisite override, your transcript will be reviewed manually to verify that the appropriate prerequisite requirements have been met.
  • Contact the Office of Summer and Winter Programs for assistance.