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Hybrid/Online Courses

Hybrid Courses

  • Hybrid courses blend in-person and online learning.
  • Most hybrid courses reduce the number of in-class meetings by replacing some in-person classes with online, out-of-class, or interactive learning activities.
  • Hybrid courses require more independent learning on the part of the student than an in-person class.
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Online Courses

  • Online courses use Blackboard (UMBC's course management system) and emphasize self-directed independent student learning.
  • Students do not come to campus for class meetings, but instead manage their own learning online.
  • Online courses eliminate in-person class meetings entirely and move all learning experiences online, using web-based, multi-media resources, commercial software, and automatically evaluated assessments with guided feedback.
  • In the Schedule of Classes, “Days & Times” are listed as “TBA” for online courses.
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