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winter session

January 5 – 23

Winter Session 2014


Taking winter session courses is a great way to get ahead, boost your GPA or focus on a difficult course.

  • Earn up to 4.5 credits during winter session. 
  • No additional application is necessary.
  • Advising is recommended, but not required.
  • Registration begins October 27.

Winter courses needed for fall graduation

  • If you have already applied for Fall 2014 graduation, but need to complete additional coursework during Winter Session 2015 in order to graduate, you must submit a Help Ticket to the Registrar's Office before you can register.
  • Choose "Registration" from the Help Ticket's "Select a topic" options.
  • Request that your status be updated to "Winter 2015 - Term Only". 
  • In your request, be sure to mention that you need to complete coursework in order to graduate.

Winter session scholarship: