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winter session

January 5 – 23

Winter Session 2014


Visiting students need to apply to UMBC before taking summer or winter courses. 

Note:  Current and incoming UMBC students do not need to submit an additional application to take summer or winter courses.

You are considered a visiting student if you:

  • Attend another college or university, and earn credits at UMBC to transfer back to your home institution.
  • Enroll at UMBC for a single term in the summer or winter session (to attend future summer or winter sessions at UMBC, you must submit a new application form for each term).

Requirements for visiting students to attend UMBC summer or winter sessions:

  • Must apply to UMBC as a visiting student and be admitted before registering for courses.
  • Must be in good academic standing at your home institution.
  • Must meet the UMBC course prerequisite requirements (if applicable) before registering.
  • University of Maryland System (USM) inter-institutional enrollment only applies to fall and spring semesters. Students from other USM schools who wish to enroll in summer or winter session at UMBC must apply as visiting students.

Confirm your status before you apply

  • If you plan to take classes at UMBC over multiple consecutive terms, but not pursue a full degree program or major, apply as a non-degree student.
  • If you previously attended UMBC and left in good standing, apply for readmission.
  • If you previously attended UMBC and did not leave in good standing, apply for reinstatement.
  • If you are currently a high school student and want to earn college credits apply for early admission.
  • Full-time or part-time incoming students (starting in the fall or spring) do not need to apply for admission to take classes in the preceding summer or winter session.  Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and ask to change your semester start date to the summer or winter term.


Apply as a visiting undergraduate student

Apply as a visiting graduate student