Anthropology of Music in Mediterranean Cultures


Venice - Fondazione Levi

September 10-12, 1992

Bruno Nettl

The Music of Anthropology and the Anthropology of Music: A North-American Perspective

Anthony Seeger

Toward a More Musical Anthropology: Performance, Improvisation, and Process

John Davis

Models of the Mediterranean

Philip Bohlman

The Rediscovery of the Mediterranean in Jewish Music

Martin Stokes

Black Sea Music and Black Sea Communities in Istanbul Today

Izza Genini

Anthropologie visive de la tradition musicale du Maroc

Joaquina Labajo Valdés

The Concept of Folklore in the Construction of Spanish Nationalism

Marcello Sorce-Keller

Popular Music as a Reflection of Culture Contacts Across the Mediterranean. A Case for Reconsidering the Current Definition of Culture

Francesco Giannattasio

The Encounter of Ernesto De Martino and Diego Carpitella as a Prefiguration of Italian Anthropology of Music

Renato Morelli

The Rite of the Holy Week at Santulussurgiu (Sardinia)

Dina Staro

Ethnocoreology in Italy

Nico Staiti

Representation of Music and Oral Tradition

Tullia Magrini

Anthropological Perspectives in the Analysis of Mediterranean Musics

F. Alberto Gallo - Iain Fenlon - Roberto Leydi - François Lissarrague - Antonio Serravezza

Anthropology of Music and Historical Research (Round Table)


Magrini, Tullia (ed.). Antropologia della musica e culture mediterranee. Bologna: Il Mulino. 1993.

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