Past and Present

Perspectives for the Anthropology of Mediterranean Music


Meeting of the ICTM Study Group on the "Anthropology of Music in Mediterranean Cultures"


Venice - Fondazione Levi

June 1-3, 1995

Tullia Magrini

The ICTM Study Group on the Anthropology of Music in Mediterranean Cultures: Themes and Aims

Bruno Nettl

Relating the Present to the Past: Thoughts on the Study of Musical Change and Culture Change in Ethnomusicology

Amnon Shiloah

Muslim and Jewish Musical Traditions: The Guiding Spirit of Sources in Relating their Past to the Present (*)

Joaquina Labajo Valdés

Car Tires for Making Sandals: Tradition and Change in Musical Behavior (*)

Philip Bohlman

Past, Present and Music without History in the Mediterranean World (*)

Iain Fenlon

Music, Rite and Identity in Venetian Renaissance

Erich Stockmann

Folk Music in South Albania in 1957: An Anthropological Approach

Dieter Christensen

On the Post-Venetian Music History of a Village in the Hercegovina. Anthropological-Ethnomusicological Perspectives (*)

Jerko Bezic

Musical Life in Northern and Middle Dalmatia (*)

Salwa El-Shawan Castelo Branco

The Heritage of Arab Music in Twentieth Century Egypt (*)

Ruth Davis

Contrasting Aesthetic Ideals of Traditional Arab Music Ensembles in Tunisia (*)

Jürgen Elsner

Some Remarks on the Arab Nomadic Tradition in the Sahara Atlas Region of Algeria

Martin Stokes

A Critical Survey of the Historiography of Turkish Music

Donatella Restani

Music and Myth in Ancient Greece

Irene Loutzaki

The Dance Identity of a Region: The case of the Dodecanesian Dance. A Study Proposal (*)

Placida Staro

Thinking of Memory: Tarantula and "Arlia"

Nico Staiti

Marriage Ceremonies in a Rom Community

F. Alberto Gallo - Donatella Restani

Across the Mediterranean: A Proposal for a Study of Travellers' Reports as Documents of Musical Life 


(*) Papers appeared in Musica e Storia, n. 5 (1997).


Report on the meeting (Item 4 - June/July 1995)

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