Trends and Processes in Today's Mediterranean Music
5th Meeting of the ICTM Study Group on
‘The Anthropology of Music in Mediterranean Cultures’
Fondazione Levi - Venice
June 14-16 2001


Bruno Nettl (University of Illinois at Urbana, USA)
Ethnomusicology of the Nineties: A Historical Perspective

Philip V. Bohlman (The University of Chicago, USA)
In Time and Out of Place: Taking Stock of the Music History and Historiography of the Mediterranean

Deborah Kapchan (University of Texas, USA)
Marketing Trance: Music, Money and the Spirit in Moroccan Gnawa Performances

Tullia Magrini (UniversitÓ di Bologna, Italy)
From Shame to Pride: The Importance of Reinterpretation

Caroline Bithell (University of Wales, UK)
Telling a Tree by its Blossom: Musical Developments in Corsica and the Notion of a Traditional Music for the 21st Century

Edwin Seroussi (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)
"Mediterraneanism" in Israeli Music: An Idea and its Permutations

Franco Fabbri (IASPM, Italy)
Nowhere Land: The Construction of a "Mediterranean" Identity in Italian Popular Music

Martin Stokes (The University of Chicago, USA)
The Sentimental Futures of Mediterranean Music

Joaquina Labajo (Universidad de La Rioja, Spain)
Singing Songs of Spanish Civil War: The Invisible Transformation of an Alive and Subterranean Musical Practice

Gail Holst (Cornell University, USA)
The Revival of "Oriental" Rebetika in Greece

Ruth Davis (University of Cambridge, UK)
New Sounds, Old Tunes: Tunisian Media Stars Reinterpret the Ma’luf

Irene Loutzaki (Aegean University, Greece)
Dance is News: Uses of Dance in Modern Greek Politics

Gabriele Marranci (PhD program, The Queen’s University of Belfast, UK)
Sounds Moving Around: Algerian Ra? and Rap

Josko Caleta (PhD program, University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Trends and Processes in the Musical Culture of Dalmatian Hinterland