The Teacher Quality in Biology (TQB) Program at UMBC
A Comprehensive Professional Development Program in Modern Biology
for Maryland High School Biology Teachers



Testimonials from our 2003-2004 TQB Scholars - given July 2004

"The TQB Instructors have constructed a well-organized and valuable program for secondary biology educators. Having completed several summer courses for teachers, I can enthusiastically say this has been one of the best. I have learned a huge amount about modern genetics and look forward to implementing many of the activities in my biology classroom"
Ed Neubauer


"Having the opportunity to learn about and apply cutting-edge investigative techniques that we can bring back to our students has been invaluable."
Marcella Upshur


"The TQB Program was able to strengthen not only my content knowledge but my practical knowledge and how to apply it to the curriculum. Lab experiences were invaluable for the experience and practice that it gave."
Donna L. Schwab


"This program rocks. Up-to-date information that even an experienced teacher of Biology needs to take."
Robert R. Boutwell, Jr.

"The TQB Program is great! We learned how to isolate DNA, run gel electrophoresis, PCR and even sequenced our own DNA! The course gives you more information than you will use in your classroom but that is the point! The labs we performed are kits that can be ordered or use materials that are easy to find. I highly recommend the TQB Program!!!"
Kimberly Jordan


"My experience in the TQB program was a very beneficial and exciting class. The instructors were very knowledgeable and willing to help in any way possible. The lab work we did was new and up to date, and our work load was reasonable for a graduate class. Besides, who can turn down a graduate course that you get the credits for and also get paid?"
Todd Schwacke

" This is an excellent program for biology teachers. Not only did this program further my knowledge in biology concepts, but I was able to learn new lab techniques. Science is always changing; this is a great way to keep up with advancments in science."

Zipporah Miller


"The program is rigorous but the instructors are very helpful and available for questions. Learning current scientific techniques and how to integrate them into a high school curriculum was tremendous."
Sean Brady

Photographs featured on this page were provided by Nicole Veltre