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Marina Adler
Associate Professor
Social stratification and inequality; cross-national gender, work and family policy; sociology of women; research methods and statistics

Henry P. Brehm
Professor Emeritus
Medical Sociology, Sociology of Health care organization and delivery; current issues in health care; disability and rehabilitation; organization, staffing, and reimbursement of health care technology, public and community health

Bambi Chapin
Assistant Professor
Psychological Anthropology, Child Development in Socio-Cultural Context, Social and Emotional Relationships, Mental Health and Illness, Trance and Spirit Possession, Sri Lanka and South Asia

Sarah Chard
Assistant Professor
Medical Anthropology, urban health, chronic disease treatment seeking, and anthropology of gender

Jere M. Cohen
Sociological theory; peer influences on adolescents; status attainment of veterans of the armed services, sociology of religion, sociology of education, small groups

Nicole Cousin-Gossett
Visiting Assistant Professor

J. Kevin Eckert
Cultural anthropology and gerontology; issues in aging and health; living arrangements for the dependent elderly; social research design and methods, applied anthropology

Christopher Hewitt
Professor Emeritus
Homelessness, social violence, including terrorism and rioting; government policies to reduce terrorism; comparisons of social violence in different nations; social inequality

Andrea Kalfoglou
Assistant Professor
Women's health, Public health ethics, reproductive and genetic ethics, research ethics, infertility and assisted reproductive technology, reproduction and mental health

Ilsa L. Lottes
Associate Professor
Maternal health and child care; sexuality and the family in the U.S. and other nations, research methods, statistics, gender roles

Seth D. Messinger
Assistant Professor
Cultural and medical anthropology; psychiatric anthropology; anthropology of North America; trauma

Leslie A. Morgan
Life cycle and the family, especially in later life; family-like environments,such as boarding homes for the frail elderly, women's roles, labor force participation, social change

Fred L. Pincus
Diversity, affirmative action, race relations, sociology of education

William G. Rothstein
Social history of medicine, the medical profession and medical education; work, occupations and professions; large-scale organizations.

Robert L. Rubinstein
Cultural and medical anthropology; anthropology of aging; gerontology; gender; qualitative research methods.

John G. Schumacher
Assistant Professor
Medical sociology, physician-patient relationships, social gerontology, bioethics, and research methods

Gul Seckin
Assistant Professor
Medical sociology, technology and health communication, gerontology, sociology of trauma and mental health, and also social psychology of terrorism, genocide and ethnic conflicts.

Mary E. Stuart
Issues in health care; health care organization and delivery; decision support for health policy and management

James E. Trela
Associate Professor
Age related behavior and attitudes; economic well being and poverty; political behavior.

Jeffrey E. Tuer

Zeynep Tufekcioglu
Assistant Professor

July 19, 2010


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