Major Exploration

So what can I do with my major? What if I don't even have a major?

UMBC's Career Services Center offers many programs designed to help students find the career that is right for them. Whether you are thinking about choosing a major, a career field, or a graduate school; it all begins with you and who you are. Beginning to explore your options early in your university career is a good idea so that you are following a path that is sure to be utilizing your dependable strengths --- those that you do well and enjoy using. Working within your areas of strength insures greater success and satisfaction! Since the average person will change jobs and careers numerous times within one's life, knowing this information gives you true job security as you move about creating new opportunities for yourself.

Some awesome programs offered by the Career Center include: FOCUS: Career and Education Planning System, Vault Online Career Library, Dependable Strengths, and many resources on possible job opportunities on what you can do with your major.

FOCUS: Career and Education Planning System

An Internet based self assesment tool designed to provide users with personalized career and education exploration and planning services. FOCUS utilizes self assessment by allowing users to develop an accurate picture of their interests, work values, personality, skills, educational and leisure time preferences. FOCUS, in conjunction with career advisement provided by the CSC staff, can help you clarify your career path and get you headed in the right direction

Vault Online Career Library

The Vault is an Online Career Library. It is a comprehensive career resource aimed at college students featuring Vault's best-selling career and industry books. Also included is exclusive insider information on more than 3000 companies, plus career advice articles and message boards. It is an essential tool for learning about companies, careers, and ultimately landing that dream job. Use either an @umbc.edu or @alum.umbc.edu email address to request a password. Open the Vault.

Dependable Strengths

Answer the questions on our Career Planning and Strengths Assessment page and then make an appointment with a career specialist at 410-455-2216 to begin exploring your pattern of strengths. If you are a recent graduate or alumna/us, you may be interested in attending an in-depth, 2-day workshop on assessing your Dependable Strengths.

What Can I Do With My Major

Take a look at some sample careers within various industries where you could utilize a degree from UMBC. Read on . .


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