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Health Resources and Service Administration Scholars Program

About the Program

The HRSA Scholars Program is designed to enhance HRSA's ability to recruit, hire, train, develop, and retain high quality individuals for professional positions, as follows:
* Accountant
* Administrative Associate
* Auditor
* Financial Management Specialist
* Grants Management Specialist
* Information Technology Specialist
* Public Health Analyst

The cornerstone of the Scholars Program is a highly structured, individualized, 12-month training and development curriculum that each Scholar must finish to complete the program. Upon completion, Scholars may be promoted to the next appropriate grade-level and are assigned to a permanent position.

Additional information and the online application available at http://www.hrsa.gov/about/scholars.htm . Deadline 7/18.

The HRSA Scholars Program recruits trainees at the GS-9 level in the various series, e.g. public health, administrative.

Basic Qualifications

You must have one (1) year of specialized experience that has equipped you with the particular knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform successfully the duties of the position, and that is typically in or related to the work of the position to be filled. To be creditable, specialized experience must have been

* Equivalent to at least the GS-7 level in the Federal Government or
* Related master’s or equivalent graduate degree or
* 2 full years of related progressively higher level graduate education leading to such a degree or
* LL.B. or J.D., if related or
* Equivalent combinations of related graduate education and specialized experience.

What Scholars Learn
Scholars are expected to be proactive in their use of the extensive and valuable resources available to them, including formal and on-the-job training, rotations, and mentoring.

All program requirements must be completed no later than 12 months after Scholars enter duty. Required training includes:

* Automated Systems Training
* DL/net, the PC, ITAS, Using Outlook Email, Using Voicemail
* Orientation to HRSA Programs
* Presentations by key bureau officials, scheduled throughout Scholar year
* Basic Project Officer Training
* Contracts, policies and procedures
* Grants Management for Program Officials
* Grants policies and procedures
* Introduction to the Federal Budget Process
* How the Government raises revenues, spends money, enacts the budget, and the role played by each of the component parts of the budget process
* Introduction to the Legislative Process
Federal lawmaking process from the source of an idea for a legislative proposal through its publication as a statute
* Appropriations Law
Rules governing the purpose, amounts, manner, and timing of obligations and expenditures and various governing authorities
* Introduction to Public Health
The public health profession in terms of the various settings in which public health educators practice, the roles they play and the skills they need
* DL\net Courses
Ongoing self instruction courses to build professional skills; eight courses required
* Special Learning Events
Field trips, site visits, meetings, or special presentations, including presentations on public service, and how to work effectively in an organization throughout Scholar year
* Quarterly Meetings
Share bio/career/personal goals, discuss progress, what it means to be a federal employee, responsibilities as a worker, what is expected of you as an employee, the chain of command, problems and issues, obtain input on overall program effectiveness.

Additional information and the online application available at http://www.hrsa.gov/about/scholars.htm . Deadline 7/18.


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