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Dependable Strengths for Graduate Students

Saturdays, 10/4 & 10/7, 9am-5pm

Dependable Strengths is a two-part seminar which provides a safe place for graduate-level students to consider career possibilities inside and outside academia. Participants explore "good experiences" for patterns of strengths; explore career paths congruent with strengths; create a report that reflects strengths; learn to use the report to make connections and to improve interviews.

Space is limited; registration deadline is September 29th. Cost: $45. Registration form and more information will be available at http://careers.umbc.edu/skills/dsgrad.php

Are you feeling nervous about life and work beyond graduate school and your assistantship?
Are you questioning if you have made the right career decisions?
Are you confused about whether you should pursue a career in academia or in private industry?
As a soon to be Ph.D or Master’s graduate, you are armed with incredible expertise, valuable credentials, and endless possibilities! While all of this is exciting and positive, deep down, you might also be a little worried about how you are going to navigate the transition from graduate school to a faculty position or a new job in private industry. You are probably also a bit confused about where to start your job search and you definitely don’t have lots of time to waste.

The idea is to stop worrying and start asking: what is my passion? Finding the right next step involves reconnecting to and knowing what you are passionate about. Whether it's through work, school or personal activities, knowing your passions helps you to focus your energies, find happiness in every day and feel more fulfilled. We should all strive to find work that we love.
This two day workshop helps you negotiate the journey from graduate school to work! Unlike other career assessments and workshops, you'll be able to assess your strengths and identify what you enjoy, things that you do well and events or experiences in which you take pride. It motivates you to succeed. Ultimately by learning more about yourself through this process, you open up new opportunities.

The focus in this workshop is a non-traditional job search process. Through guided group discussions, participants will:
• Identify what you are good at and what you love to do
• Learn to articulate your worth to an employer
• Learn to make contacts whenever you may want them
• Succeed in interviews
• Work with a support team to increase self-confidence
• Develop a tool to help you be remembered and referred
The workshop is designed for graduate students who are approaching graduation, and those simply interested in exploring how they might enhance their current academic and employment situation. Your registration also includes one follow-up appointment with one of your facilitators. Current UMBC graduate students can also continue using UMBC Career Services resources.
This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about what your true strengths are so that you can find your passion and find work that you love!

To register for the next available session, print the Registration Form at www.careers.umbc.edu and fax it to us.
Contact the Career Services Center (careers@umbc.edu, 410.455.2216) with any questions.


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