GRE Test Preparation

GRE Test Preparation
4 Weeks, 1 evening per week (classes start mid-February)
$595.00 (discounts available)
UMBC Training Centers, South Campus, 1442 S. Rolling Road, Baltimore, MD 21227
Additional information at http://www.umbc.edu/trainctr/testprep/gre.html

Addressed exactly to the character of the computerized GRE, UMBC Training Center's GRE workshops are the most prestigious, original, thorough,and effective prepartion for the GRE available. The Graduate Record Examination Test Workshop provides a thorough preparation for each of the sections of the GRE. Its objectives are to:

Increase reading comprehension of difficult material under high time pressure
Teach the most successful test management techniques
Familiarize students with question types specific to the GRE
Teach the logical, rhetorical, and mathematical problem-solving techniques relevant to the GRE
Identify the specific problems posed by the GRE, and analyze test-taking errors
Review anxiety reduction techniques
Improve performance and reduce test anxiety by success in practice testing
Learn essential grammatical and mathematical concepts and techniques in application to real test problems
Ensure that a test-taker's score represents his or her maximum possible perfomance on the test

Taught by Dr. Bruce Spiegelberg and Dr. Anthony Poplawski of Spiegelberg and Associates, UMBC’s Test Preparation Courses are acclaimed for their comprehensiveness, revealing the true character of the test, their focus on maximizing scores, their intellectual seriousness, and reducing the test candidate’s test anxiety. Instruction is at the highest professional level by experienced college faculty.

Please visit the Graduate Record Examination web site at www.gre.org to view information on the GRE exam.


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