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Full-Time: Lockheed Martin/HR Leadership Development Program

For more information on Lockheed Martin's Human Resources Leadership Development Program, login to your UMBCworks account (under the Jobs & Internships tab in myUMBC) and search for job # 9235029.

The Human Resources Leadership Development Program (HRLDP) prepares individuals with the potential to become future human resources leaders for the challenges of incorporating human resources strategies in a way that will add value to business performance.
Job Rotational Assignments
Through the two-year program, participants will complete an average of three rotational assignments within two geographic locations in various human resources functions. Rotations may include challenging assignments in Staffing & Recruiting, Compensation, Learning and Organizational Development, Labor Relations, or EEO & Diversity. Some HRLDPs may also obtain experience as a human resources business partner. In addition to rotations, HRLDPs typically participate in a minimum of one special team or project during the course of the program.

Technical and Professional Training
Education and professional training is an important aspect of the HRLDP experience. The HRLDP curriculum is designed to facilitate skill building of Lockheed Martin human resources professionals in both functional and business partner competencies. Education focuses on functional expertise, coaching, issue analysis and problem solving, influencing skills and relationship management. Opportunities are made available for participants to attend corporate-sponsored training programs and advanced training in the human resources field.

Advanced Education
Program participants are required to complete an MBA or Master’s degree within the field of human resources within five years of starting the program.

Eligibility Requirements
Candidates may be either entry-level external hires, or Lockheed Martin employees with less than 3 years of service who have demonstrated a record of high performance and have either undergraduate or advanced degrees in human resources, labor relations or a related area with specific coursework in human resources.

In addition to above-average academic performance demonstrated by a GPA 3.5 or higher for both undergraduate and graduate degrees, candidates will be evaluated for:

• Excellent written and verbal communications skills
• Ability to clearly articulate strong career interest and a desire to obtain significant leadership roles in the field of Human Resources
• Leadership potential and competencies as evidenced by good citizenship, achievement and involvement in non-academic pursuits such as extracurricular activities, community service, special projects and military experience, and/or displayed by leadership experience at Lockheed Martin
• HR competencies as evidenced by related work experience through a co-op, internship or through part-time employment while in school
• Geographic relocation is a requirement of the program – participants are required to move to different geographic areas for all rotations. Interested candidates must consider their ability to move to different locations for the first two years in the program. An ability and willingness to relocate is necessary given that experience in multiple Lockheed Martin businesses is a required feature of HRLDP, and will be key to further development after program completion.
• A security clearance may be necessary for some rotations or off-program assignments.

Upon graduation from HRLDP, participants will have gained experience and training in a broad range of human resources functions. An HRLDP background will help you prepare for a variety of challenging human resources opportunities across Lockheed Martin.


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