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Upcoming On-Campus Interview Deadlines - Fall 2010

Don't miss out on employers coming to UMBC to recruit YOU this fall! The following is a list of employers coming to conduct on-campus interviews. Check back often as employers will be added throughout the semester.

**General Electric
Interviewing on 10/20/2010 (Deadline to apply via UMBCworks: 10/14/2010)
Positions: 97 - Summer Information Management Leadership Program Intern; 397 - GE Healthcare Technical -EEDP- Summer Intern or Co-op; 559 - Operations Management Leadership Program
Majors: Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Business Technology Administration, Information Systems, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Management, Civil & Environmental Engineering

**General Electric
Interviewing on 10/21/2010 (Deadline to apply via UMBCworks: 10/14/2010)
Position: 98 - Information Management Leadership Program (IMLP)
Majors: Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Management, Information Systems

**General Electric
Interviewing on 10/27/2010 (Deadline to apply via UMBCworks: 10/14/2010)
Position: 4811 - GE Healthcare Operations- OMLP - Summer Intern or Co-op
Majors: Mechanical Engineering

**United States Census Bureau
Interviewing on 10/22/2010 (Deadline to apply via UMBCworks: 10/15/2010)
Position: IT Specialist
Majors: Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics, Mathematics, Applied, Business Technology Administration, Information Systems

**Morgan Stanley- Baltimore
Interviewing on 11/3/2010 (Deadline to apply via UMBCworks: 10/20/2010)
Position: Operations Analyst Program
Majors: All Majors

**Intact Technology, Inc.
Interviewing on 11/4/2010 (Deadling to apply via UMBCworks: 10/21/2010)
Position: Jr. Technical Consultant Computer Engineering
Majors: Computer Science, Computing - Human Centered Computing, Information Systems

**Lockheed Martin Corporation (University Relations)
Interviewing on 11/11/2010 (Deadline to apply via UMBCworks: 10/28/2010)
Positions: Computer Science Positions (Full-Time); Computer Science Positions (Internship); Engineering Opportunities (Full-time); Engineering Opportunities (Internship)
Majors: Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Engineering Management, Mathematics, Mathematics-Applied, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Physics-Applied, Systems Engineering
To apply for these on-campus interview opportunties, you'll need to have an approved resume in UMBCworks and will need to individually apply for the opportunities you're interested in (login to UMBCworks via the Jobs & Internships topic in myUMBC; from there, click on the Jobs tab, select UMBCworks, and search for


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