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New for the Classroom - Hampton: A Revolutionary Place

Hampton: A Revolutionary Place, a new field trip resource from the UMBC Center for History Education, challenges upper elementary and middle school students to examine the complex social and economic interactions among landowners, paid workers, indentured servants and slaves living at the Hampton estate near Towson, Maryland at the time of the Revolutionary War. In the process of investigating the Hampton National Historic Site, students will answer the question: What impact did the American Revolution have on the lives of people at Hampton?

Created by teachers in the Making American History Master Teachers in Baltimore County Program, Hampton: A Revolutionary Place features videos, teaching materials, a virtual field trip, and information for conducting this field trip at the Hampton National Historic Site.

The project was made possible through a grant to Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) from the United States Department of Education's Teaching American History Grant Program. Resource support was provided by Hampton National Historic Site, National Park Service; the Maryland State Archives; and the Maryland Historical Society. The UMBC New Media Studio, UMBC Martha Ross Center for Oral History, and The BCPS Education Channel assisted in the production of the digital media.

Visit Hampton: A Revolutionary Place at

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