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Dr. Constantine Vaporis to Present at Pittsburgh NCTA Workshop

Dr. Constantine Vaporis, professor of history and director of the Asian Studies program, will lead a workshop for the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA) at the University of Pittsburgh, on Saturday, March 24. Entitled "Japan and its World: Late Edo Period and Today, " the workshop will focus on the changes that occurred in the late Edo period (mid-19th Century) especially the "opening" of Japan, and how this information relates to understanding Japan's role in the world today. Addressing internal challenges, the dangers posed by outside forces, engagement with other nations, and the role of Japan in the larger realm of postwar Asia, Dr. Vaporis will present to teachers the unique perspective of the Japanese people and society.

For more information about the workshop, please visit the following website.

Dr. Vaporis has taught workshops in the CHE's affiliated NCTA seminar program for K-12 teachers at UMBC for the last five years. The CHE provides support for the yearly NCTA Program, and will be adding a link to the NCTA's work on our website soon. Funded by the Freeman Foundation and launched in 1998, the NCTA is a nationwide initiative to encourage and facilitate teaching and learning about East Asia in the K-12 curriculum.

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