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Senior Dance Concert November 9 and 10, 2012

It's time for the Fall 2012 Senior Dance Concert!

Come experience the exciting new works of 7 senior dance students at UMBC! Performances are Friday, November 9th and Saturday, November 10th, beginning at 8pm in the UMBC Fine Arts Building Room 317. Tickets are $7 for students and $12 for general admission. For more information please call the Dance Department at UMBC at 410-455-2179, or order tickets online at Missiontix.

Teresa Hayes: “Artivism” explores how deviation from social norms progresses society forward.

Jonique Holcomb-Meade: “Beware of Dog” explores making a perfect setting imperfect by incorporating human emotion into a patch of flowers and a white picket fence.

Kristy House: “Branded” explores the turmoil of the prisoners of the Holocaust and their struggle to preserve themselves.

Alex J. Krebs: “Rapid Eye Movement” explores common dream themes through movement. Such themes include flying, falling, and teeth falling out.

Arnesha Reives: “Amygdala” a dance that explores the fight or flight theory, capturing the emotion of fear and the authentic movement created when placed in a life or death situation.

Meagan Singleton: “Immersion” represents the fear and sensuality of drowning.

Franki Trout: “Baggage” Dancers manipulate, throw and struggle with multiple pieces of luggage that symbolize more than the physical object.