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DiscoveryGate for Beilstein & Gmelin

The library now has access to DiscoveryGate (http://www.discoverygate.com/) for searching CrossFire Beilstein, CrossFire Gmelin, and the MDL Compound Index.

CrossFire Beilstein for organic chemistry includes information on over 9 million compounds, over 10 million reactions, and 2 million citations, along with hundreds of thousands of abstracts and bioactive compounds. Find physical and chemical data, spectral information, and more.

CrossFire Gmelin collection of inorganic and organometallic substances includes chemical and physical properties, preparation and reaction details, condensed phase data, spectral information, and more.

MDL Compound Index provides links to other databases, including PubChem and the OHS Pure Substance MSDS database.

Windows users must download and install a Java applet from the DiscoveryGate site before using DiscoveryGate. No installation is required for Mac users.

Send any questions on using DiscoveryGate to: Janet Hack jhack@umbc.edu