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Database Update: ScienceAccellerator.gov

Customize Your Search Experience at ScienceAccelerator.gov

It is exciting to announce that an array of new search and retrieval features and capabilities have been added to ScienceAccelerator.gov, providing new options for customizing your search experience.

The search engine that helps you find science information from U.S. Department of Energy key resources now:
* automatically spell checks your search term(s)
* allows you to e-mail your search results
* offers the capability to export search results into your citation management software
* provides links to EurekAlert! Science News and Wikipedia information on your topic(s) of interest and
* clusters results by related topics and/or by date in order to more easily target subsequent searches.

Other search and retrieval features include:
* advanced searching
* searching within a search
* sorting search results and
* narrowing your search results by individually selecting items of interest.

The Help page has been updated to reflect the new options and to provide additional information.

Science Accelerator helps you to find research and development reports; e-prints; science conference proceedings; DOE patents, accomplishments, project descriptions, and software; DOE-associated Nobel Prize Winners; and more.

You are welcome to visit and explore all aspects of the newly-revised Science Accelerator at http://www.scienceaccelerator.gov/