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A look at UMBC's first May celebration, 5/8/1967

Congratulations to the undergrad and graduate students that have completed their degrees this Spring semester! UMBC's first graduating class crossed the stage in 1970 but 3 years earlier, on May 8, 1967, the campus held a small but historic convocation ceremony to celebrate UMBC's first academic year.

From The Retriever, May 15, 1967, "Progress Cited At Convocation":

May 8 of last week was the day of UMBC's first formal convocation. The well attended ceremony commenced with an organ prelude by James Houstin who was accompanied by Wilmer Wide, of the Baltimore Symphony, on trumpet for the processional.

Following the invocation by Rabbi Jacob B. Agus of the Beth El Congregation, Dean Homer W. Schamp, Jr. proceeded to introduce the platform guests. Members of the platform who delivered addresses to the audience included Doug Gordon, President of the SGA; Mr. Charles McCormick, Chairman of the Board of Regents; Dr. Wilson H. Elkins, President of the University of Maryland; and Dr. Albin O. Kuhn, vice-president for the Baltimore Campuses.

Mr. Gordon's short welcoming speech emphasized the maturation of UMBC's family as a result of the responsibilities of college life, respect, student government, the upholding of the name of the university and the setting of precedence, that of the learning process. The welcoming address ended with his confidence that "...UMBC will be one of the great universities in the future."

Mr. McCormick assured everyone that the Board of Regents "...is dedicated to the University and will extend any help that is required." A message from President Elkins recognized the never ending changes that will be associated with UMBC and agreed that progress has indeed been made.

The principle address, "Progress Begins," was delivered by Dr. Kuhn and included a message of thanks, a look at the past and a glance to the future.