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UMBC's early yearbooks now online

Special Collections is pleased to announce that the first two volumes of the Skipjack, UMBC's first yearbook, are now available through the Digital Collections in the University Publications. The first volume, published in 1968, covers the first two years of classes at UMBC. The second volume was published in 1969, and a third and final volume, not yet available online, was published in 1970. Several re-incarnations of the Skipjack have appeared over the years with different names and techniques, but the yearbook tradition was not one that stuck at our young campus. We're very lucky to have these few to document the first few years of UMBC. Here are a few highlights:

View the complete 1968 Skipjack

Pages 64-67 in the 1968 Skipjack

Pages 154-155 in the 1968 Skipjack

View the complete 1969 Skipjack

Pages 50-51 in the 1969 Skipjack

Pages 54-55 in the 1969 Skipjack

Pages 106-107 in the 1969 Skipjack

Pages 116-117 in the 1969 Skipjack

Special Collections would like to thank student assistant Nicole Smith for her help on this project!