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Faida Abu Ghazaleh

Faida Abu Ghazaleh has published her dissertation as a book.

Ethnic Identity of Palestinian Immigrants in the United States: The Role of Cultural Material Artifacts, focuses on Palestinian cultural material artifacts and their connection with the preservation of cultural identity. The Palestinian participants were acutely aware of the potential instability of their diaspora, especially in the United States since 9/11. This study provides a perspective not generally presented in Western media of the Palestinian people striving for the peaceful preservation of their nationality through their cultural artifacts, and social identity practices. For Palestinians, material culture artifacts connect them to their homeland even as it is relentlessly reduced to a fraction of its former landmass. Although the Palestinian people may be scattered around the world, they still retain a powerful connection to each other and their land.

About the Author

Faida has her doctorate in Language, Literacy and Culture from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Her research focuses on social identity practices and preservation through material culture of populations in Diaspora. She conducted an ethnographic study of Palestinian material culture in Maryland.

Currently, she is working as a researcher at the department of World Cultures at the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada on special archeology collection from Palestine.