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Visiting Professor - University of Guadalajara


It is a one academic year salaried position (2012-2013) to be held at the Modern Languages Department of the Humanities and Social Sciences Campus of the University of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Duties are, but not restricted to:
Teach courses at the B.A. in Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Take part of the observation component in the teaching practice program of the B.A.
Develop extracurricular activities aimed to increase students’ linguistic and cultural competence in the foreign language.
Contribute to the University’s teaching by presenting guest lectures or faculty seminars.
Impart developmental workshops for students and-or professors
Undertake collaborative research with faculty and-or students.
Engage in formal or informal discussions with pre-graduate students.

PhD preferred, although M.A. in the area of teaching foreign languages, education, linguistics, or culture might be considered.
English native speaker

Prior to application, candidates are required to establish contact with the prospective host: Dr. Olivia Díaz, Head of the Department,; M.A. Elizabeth Hernandez, Program Coordinator,
Two letters of recommendation must be enclosed with the application materials.
Upon termination of their stay at the Department, recipients are requested to submit a short report on their activities as Visiting Professor.
Completed applications must be received not later than May 15th, 2012.
The position is tenable during the academic year 2012 - 2013(August 1,2012- July 31, 2013)

For foreigners applying to work in the Modern Languages Department
It is possible to apply for a Work Permit for visitors conducting remunerative activities. The following university unit and personnel can help the applicant:

Lic. Luz Elena Argote Michel
Lic. Dafne Alejandra Partida M.
Unidad de Servidos Migratorios
Oficina del Abogado General
University of Guadalajara
Av. Juárez #976, third floor
Tel. 31-34-22-22 extensions: 1567, 1584, 1558 and 1557

Documents needed:
Two copies of the passport pages containing the applicant’s personal data, photograph, passport expiration date and visas for visiting other countries
Official letter of a job offer issued by the personnel department of the relevant university center of the University of Guadalajara addressed to the National Institute of Migration stating the date of entry into the country, duration of stay, position, activities to be carried out, address where they will be performed and proposed salary.
Two copies of an official ID of the person who signed the letter of the job offer.
An official letter addressed to Dr. Francisco Javier Peña Razo, University Attorney General, asking for his support in order to comply with the necessary paperwork to obtain the Work Permit

Once the paperwork has been done and authorized, a copy will be sent which will be used to obtain the work visa, and when the foreigner arrives in Mexico it will be exchanged for a FM3 visa.
* It should arrive two months prior to the date of his/her programmed visit

NOTE: It is worth mentioning that when the interested party stops working for the University of Guadalajara an official letter has to be sent to the National Institute of Migration. The official letter must state the date of termination of employment. This official letter should be sent in the following week to the Unidad de Servicios Migratorios, so that they carry out the necessary paperwork.

* The minutes of the Colegio Departamental meeting where the job offer was discussed
Personal data form (University of Guadalajara)
Résumé with supporting documents
Translated birth certificate with apostille
Translated proof of last grade obtained with apostille
Work plan
Copy of the FM3

* NOTE: a letter from the Head of Department stating:
Name of the academic body where the professor will work
Research area
If possible, the research work that the professor will carry out with other university colleagues
Academic courses to be taught on a Bachelor’s or Master’s program
Name of the agreement
Area of professional knowledge

Person in charge of helping guest professors
Lidia Enriquez
Te. 3134 22 22 ext 1720