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Invitation to celebrate with LLC's upcoming graduates

Join us in congratulating the following Language, Literacy and Culture students who will be receiving their Ph.D. diplomas during the graduation and hooding ceremony on May 18th at 10 a.m. in the Retriever Activities Center:

Dana Polson
Mentor: Dr. Christine Mallinson
Thesis: Longing for Theory: Performance Debate Practice in Baltimore

Danika Rockett
Mentor: Dr. Amy Froide
Thesis: Single Women in Borders: Religion and Philanthropy as Paths to Social Action in Victorian Britain

Laura Strickling
Mentor: Dr. Christine Mallinson
Thesis: A Linguistic Journey: Teachers Talk about Integrating Southern and African American English into their Teaching Practices, and the Process of Changing their Beliefs about Language

Corine Toomer
Mentor: Dr. William Rothstein
Thesis: The Breast Health of Church Going African American Women: Do Culture and Religiosity Play Important Roles in Achieving Optimal Breast Health Decisions?

After the ceremony, you are invited to join us in the LLC Conference Room 422 to celebrate with our new graduates and their families. Light refreshments will be served.