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Meyerhoff Scholars Program

Meyerhoff Scholars

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Baker's Corner


Posted on July 15, 2010 12:47 PM |Permalink

This blog is going to be used to help Meyerhoffs keep in touch.

We are in the age of hi-tech communication! We can connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world! Whether it's facebook, twitter, text, or Skype we are able to stay connected with old friends or connect with someone new.

I want to categorize/identify Meyerhoffs by geographic locations to encourage more communications between classes. We have Meyerhoffs in the Southeast (FL, GA, SC, NC, AL, MS), Mid-Atlantic (VA, MD, DC, DE, WV, KY), Northeast (PA, NJ, NY, CT, VT, NH, RI, MA, ME), South Central (LA, TX, AK, OK, MO, KS, NE), North Central( OH, IN, IL, IA, MI, MN, WI, SD, ND), Northwest (MT, WY, ID, AK, WA, OR), and the Southwest (AZ, NM, CO, UT, NV, CA, HI).

Over the next few blogs, we will be highlighting Meyerhoffs from different parts of the country. In the highlights we want you to give us information about you, your families, your hobbies, other significant events in your life.

The next blog will focus on those of you in the Southeast. So if you have news or news of others Meyerhoffs in your area, please drop me a line. ALL REGIONS PLEASE SEND ME NEWS!
Earnestine B. Baker


Posted on February 2, 2010 2:33 PM |Permalink

Throughout the year we should all reflect on the tremendous contributions of so many great men and women who have done their parts in making this country what it is today. As alumni of the Meyerhoff Scholars Program you are today’s and tomorrow's leaders in science, technology, and engineering related fields in this high-tech global world. What will be your legacy? What sort of impact would you like to make in your life and in the lives of those around you?

While celebrating our legacy and achievements, it is essential to remember those of the shoulders on which you stand. The notable efforts of: Benjamin Banneker, Rebecca Cole, Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, George Washington Carver, Archibald Alexander, Lewis Howard Latimer, Madame C J. Walker, Frederick Drew Gregory, and numerous others, have opened the doors and paved the way for future minority doctors, scientists, teachers, computer scientists and engineers. The contributions of these African Americans are remarkable considering their extraordinary social limitations.

We have entered a new decade in a new millennium, and unlike these historical trailblazers you exist in a thriving global society where your service and contributions are limitless. So as we look back and reflect on the contributors of our past, be aware of your own role as leaders and what will be your legacy.

How are you making a difference? Let me know about your trailblazing efforts.

Earnestine B. Baker

"To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Required"

Posted on June 23, 2009 4:09 PM |Permalink

Do you remember your first days as a Meyerhoff? Throughout Summer Bridge, you made friends who stoked your curiosity and inspired a spirit of healthy competition that allowed you to grow not only as a scholar, but as a person. As you progressed through the program, the Meyerhoff staff supported you, helping you ace the tough exams, and acting as mentors through times of success and challenge.

As a graduate of the Meyerhoff Scholars Program, you know the experience you were given at UMBC was priceless. However, in these hard economic times, it becomes necessary to think realistically about the costs of our Meyerhoff Scholars Program. In recent months, the endowments supporting the program have declined and although the program remains strong, alumni support is necessary to maintain the resources that make it so successful, including:

* Scholarships (tuition, fees, room, and board)
* Summer Bridge instruction, transportation, room, board, activities, textbooks/materials
* Student conferences, seminars, and summer internships
* Marketing and recruitment and day-to-day administrative operations

The annual Meyerhoff Cohort Giving Challenge allows you to demonstrate your appreciation for the program that gave you so much, as well as your commitment to future Meyerhoff Scholars. Last year, 165 alumni made a gift or pledge totaling $17,700. We would like to surpass that amount this year by increasing the number of donors and raise a minimum of $22,000. As of today, 69 donors have made gifts or pledges totaling $8,000 and we hope you will be a part of surpassing our goals.

Last year, the M1 cohort won the giving challenge; as of early June, the M6 cohort is in the lead for the 2009 prize, recognition on a special plaque in the Meyerhoff Office. The academic and career achievements of Meyerhoff graduates speak volumes about the Program’s impact. However, the level of support of the program by its own alumni is just as important in measuring the program’s success over time.

As it is said, “To whom much is given, much is required.” Make a commitment to the future of the Meyerhoff Scholars Program by making your gift before the deadline of June 30.

To make a gift, click here

Legacy: Then and Now

Posted on April 21, 2009 12:40 PM |Permalink

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Meyerhoff dreamed along with Dr. Freeman Hrabowski of developing a pool of talented minority scientists and engineers that would provide a diverse impact on the world's scientific community.

Twenty years ago, Dr. Hrabowski, Susan Boyer, Don Pearman and I were making plans for the first nineteen Meyerhoff Scholars, the M1s. Today LaMont Toliver, the Meyerhoff staff, faculty members, current Meyerhoff students, Meyerhoff alumni and the Meyerhoff Parents Association make up the more than 300 people who are helping select the 60-member Meyerhoff class of 2013, the M21s.

Today we have more than 600 Meyerhoff Alumni, 53 Ph.D.s, 21 M.D./Ph.D.s, 74 M.D.s, 115 M.S. degrees and 250 currently enrolled in graduate and professional schools. What an amazing accomplishment!

What is your Dream for the Meyerhoff Scholars Program? Let me know what you see Meyerhoff alumni doing tomorrow.

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