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Celebrating music from the first decade of the 21st century
October 28-30, 2010

Discover the sound of new classical music at Livewire, a festival assured to stretch
your ears and mind with bold compositions from the 21st Century, from striking to
experimental to edgy. In dozens of concerts, lecture-recitals and presentations,
the musicians of Livewire will explore untrodden paths as they premiere, perform
and discuss new works from around the world created during the first decade of
the new millennium, a period of both political and economic upheaval.

Join us for performances by the Ruckus ensemble, the Damocles Trio, the
Hoffmann/Goldstein Duo, the Synchronous Trio, UMBC faculty Matthew Belzer,
Lisa Cella, Tom Goldstein, Gita Ladd, Maria Lambros, E. Michael Richards, and Airi
Yoshioka, and many other eminent ensembles and soloists.

Contact Linda Dusman for more information.
Contact Tom Moore for Press information.




12-1pm--Student concert (FA Recital Hall)


5pm--Lecture (FA 508)
Kyong Mee Choi (Roosevelt University):
     Spatial Relationships in Electro-Acoustic Music and Painting”

6pm--IAWM Annual Concert (508)
Electroacoustic Music by Women Composers
Waterland (1990/2010)   Veronika Krausas, Australia/USA
Ombrarchetto (2003)    Magdalena Dlugosz, Poland
Emergent (2009)      Carrie Leigh Page, USA
Mouthpiece (2005)    Judith Ring, Ireland
Pigeon Heart (2005)  Bernard Marie-Hélène, France
Reminiscence R2 (2010)  Ida Helene Heidel, Norway

8pm--RUCKUS, the faculty contemporary ensemble at UMBC
Lisa Cella, flute; E. Michael Richards, clarinet; Airi Yoshioka,
Violin; Maria Lambros, viola; Gita Ladd, cello; Audrey Andrus, piano; Tom
Goldstein, percussion; Stephen Caracciolo, conductor

102nd & Amsterdam      Douglas Boyce
The mystery of r/r/r       Sofia Kamayianni
Hymne        Anneliese Weibel
Five Elements          Peiying Yuan
Adagio Amore        William Kleinsasser
Probably Colors          Leondardo Polato

Post Concert Q&A Session

FRIDAY, Oct. 29
Installation: (FA 508)
in rotation:

Caterina Calderoni: Nameless Flowers

Student works from Soundscapes 2010 at the Conservatorio “G. Nicolini”

Liane Curtis (Brandeis University):
    Ruth Lomon at 80: A Celebration of Her Work
Mark Zanter (Marshall University):
    Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris, Conduction and the Culture of Composition
Mark A. Lackey (Peabody Conservatory):
    The Cross-Cultural Music of Evan Ziporyn

10:45am-12:45pm Lectures
Liz Przybylski (Northwestern University):
    Creating Masculinity in Native American Hip-Hop
Kevin Blankenship (UCLA):
    Dubstep and its children: the hardcore continuum in the first decade of the 21st Century
Kyle Adams (Indiana University):
    Who Composed the Grey Album, or, What Did Danger Mouse Do?
S. Alexander Reed (The University of Florida):
    Resembling the Machine: Technology, Subculture, and Industrial Music in the 21st Century

2-4pm--Lecture Recitals
Steven Kemper (University of Virginia):
    Expressive Machines Musical Instruments (EMMI): Music and Robotics
Will Redman (Towson University):
    The Way Music Looks
Manuel Laufer (New York University):
    Modernist Complexity in New Venzuelan Art Music: The Contribution of Diogenes Rivas

4:30pm--Faculty solos concert (FA Recital Hall)

The Noise I Just Made (2010)     Matt Belzer
  Matt Belzer, saxophone

Light in Each One (2008)   Stuart Saunders Smtih
  Lisa Cella, alto flute

Sonorous Body (2009)        Liza Lim
  E. Michael Richards, clarinet

L’Ultima Memoria (The Last Remembrance) (2009)   Caterina Calderoni
  Gita Ladd, cello

Solo et + (2009)        Farangis Nurulla-Khoja
  Airi Yoshioka, violin (with electronics)

7-7:45pm Lecture Demonstration (in 508)
Per Bloland (Oberlin Conservatory):
    The Electromagnetically-Prepared Piano and its Compositional Implications

8pm--Hoffman/Goldstein Duo (FA Recital Hall)
Tom Goldstein, percussion (UMBC faculty) and Paul Hoffmann (Rutgers University)

O Star Spangled Stripes (2005)      Linda Dusman
*Ariel (2004)        Ronald Surak
transients / images (2006)      Thomas DeLio
BlueStrider (1994)       Jeffrey Harrington
Genderang Senja {Evening Drums} (1990)      Ben Pasaribu
You’re Not a Composer (1999)      Tom Goldstein
*From Waldmusik: Wissahickon, Pulpit Rock,        Christopher Shultis
   French Creek (2009)
* world premiere

Post Concert Q&A Session with Composers and Performers

10pm: LIVEWIRE Latenight Improv with Jess Stewart, waterphone and UMBC students


9-10:30pm LecturesJeremy Beck (JD, University of Louisville):
Composers, Sampling and Copyright:
    Does “Thou Shalt Not Steal” Infringe on Creativity?
Eric Slegowski (American University):
    Form and Perception in the 21st Century
Jesse Stewart (Carleton University):
    Improvisation and the Academy

10:45am-12:45pm--Lecture Recitals (FA Recital Hall)
Monique Buzzarte (New York):
    Composer Performer Collaborations
Phil Fried (New York):
    Interactive Trends: Improvisation
Andrew Bliss (University of Tennessee) and Christopher Adler (San Diego):
    The Calculated Groove of Postminimal Percussion

Steve Antosca (VERGE Ensemble, Washington, DC);
    crossingPoint: connecting music with technology, architecture, and the arts
Timothy Y. Hsu and Jerry A. Ulrich (Georgia Institute of Technology):
    Different Uses and Forms of Novel Technology in the Choral Concert
Christina L. Reitz (Western Carolina University):
    Higdon’s Violin Concerto: Combining the Old and the New
Caterina Calderoni (Conservatorio “G. Nicolini” Piacenza, Italy):
    Mimesis and Simulation: Illusory Effects in Music and Film

5:00pm--Performance (FA Recital Hall)
Synchronous Trio:
Christie Finn, soprano (UMBC alumna); Joshua Nakazawa, cello; Jason Ballman,

The Last Poems of Wallace Stevens      Ned Rorem
9 Settings of Lorine Niedecker      Harrison Birtwistle
5 Pieces for Soprano, Cello, and Piano       Jason Ballmann
Four Songs to e. e. cummings       Morton Feldman

8:00pm--Damocles Trio (FA Recital Hall)
Adam Kent, piano, Airi Yoshioka, violin (UMBC faculty), Sibylle Johner, cello

Palimpsest: A composition of Maps     Douglas Boyce
Diverging Flints     Linda Dusman
Vukovar Trio      Laura Kaminsky
Trio (World premiere)       Anthony Korf
Gathering      Eric Nathan
Miniatures for Piano Trio      David Witmer

Post Concert Q&A Session with Composers and Performers