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Celebrating the 80th birthday of Vinko Globokar, composer in residence and featuring Patrick Crossland, trombone

Join Vinko Globokar to celebrate his life and music! In addition to Globokar's music, composers who worked closely with him or were strongly influenced by him are featured at the festival. Patrick Crossland (trombonist), our featured artist, will perform an eclectic program of gems written for Globokar. He will also appear with Laboratorium, a group based in Europe performing Laboratorium by Globokar.

DAY 1: Thursday, Oct. 16

4-5:30 Improvisation master class with Globokar (MUSIC BOX, room 151)

Ruckus concert, 8pm (Concert Hall)

Vinko Globokar: Correspondences for four soloists
     Lisa Cella, Patrick Crossland, Tom Goldstein, Airi Yoshioka
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Dr. K-Sextett for flute, bass clarinet, percussion, viola, cello and piano
     Lisa Cella, E. Michael Richards, Tom Goldstein, Robin Fay Massie-Pighee, Gita Ladd,
     Kazuko Tanosaki

René Leibowitz: Marijuana, Variations non sérieuses, Op. 54 for violin, trombone, vibraphone and piano (1960)
     Airi Yoshioka, Patrick Crossland, Tom Goldstein, and Audrey Andrist
Helmut Lachenmann: Dal Niente (Interieur III) for clarinet solo
     E. Michael Richards
Salvatore Sciarrino: Esplorazione del Bianco II for flute, bass clarinet, guitar and violin
     Lisa Cella, E. Michael Richards, Steven Novacek, Airi Yoshioka

DAY 2: Friday, Oct. 17

Paper Presentations (MUSIC BOX)

9-9:45 a.m.:
Kira Dralle (MA, San Francisco Art Institute), Chair: Panel discussion on performing ?Corporel: Fur Percussionnistesur Son Corps with Bonnie Whiting; Aiyun Huang; Vanessa Tomlinson (Associate Professor, Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University [Australia]); and Bill Sallak (Assistant Professor, Kent State University)

9:45-10:30 a.m.:
Aiyun Huang (Associate Professor, McGill University): “?Corporel: a Case Study on the Politics of the Performing Body

10:45-11:30 a.m.:
Bonnie Whiting (Assistant Professor, DePauw University): “Storytelling in Vinko Globokar’s Toucher (1975) for a Speaking Percussionist”

12 p.m.: Student Concert (Works by David Revill, Lawrence Moss, Sam Winnie, Patrick Smith, Karena Ingram, Nancy Puckett and Ted Berwald.)

2:15 and 4:15 p.m.: Umbilicus performs Percussion Music for Resonant Spaces by Brian Johnson (Proscenium Theater Lobby)

4-6.p.m.: Student composer master class with composer Toni Lester (Professor, Babson College) (PAHB 246) (Closed to the public)
7:00 p.m.:
Erik Lund (Professor, University of Illinois): “Analogy and Transformation in Vinko Globokar’s Discours VI” (MUSIC BOX)

Patrick Crossland. Trombone: 8 p.m. (Concert Hall)
Kazuko Tanosaki, piano

Luciano Berio: Sequenza V (1966) for Vinko
Carlos Alsina: Consecuenza (1966) for Vinko
Jean-Pierre Drouet: Essais de Trombone (1998) for Vinko
René Leibowitz: Quatre Bagatelles pour trombone et piano (1963) for Vinko
Jürg Wyttenbach: D’(H)OMMAGE oder “Freu(n)de, nicht…” (1985) for Vinko
Mauricio Kagel: atem für einen Bläser (1970) for Vinko

DAY 3: Saturday, Oct. 18

Solo/chamber concert 1 p.m. (Concert Hall)

Jerry Tabor: assemblage, montage...icon, image
     Hoffmann-Goldstein Duo
Toni Lester: Four Pieces for flute and cello
     Lisa Cella, Gita Ladd
Rahilia Hasanova: Dance of Fire for solo violin: WORLD PREMIERE
     Airi Yoshioka
Anna Rubin: A Small Impromptu God of the Partial for amplified cello and live electronics, WORLD PREMIERE
     Gita Ladd
Will Redman: Book: Umbliicus, WORLD PREMIERE
Vinko Globokar: Notes for one pianist, Vinko Globokar
     Kazuko Tanosaki

Master class with Globokar/Meet Laboratorium 4-6 p.m. (MUSIC BOX)
     4-5 p.m. (master class for composers)
     5-6 p.m. (Laboratorium pre-concert presentation.)

Ensemble Laboratorium 8 p.m. (MUSIC BOX)

Laboratorium by Globokar

Please contact Airi Yoshioka (yoshioka@umbc.edu) for more information