UMBC Wellness Initiative

Success Stories : August 2009

Steven McAlpine

When we moved to Catonsville from Boston three years ago, running and biking were activities that I did when I had "extra time" (which, as a parent of two young children, doesn't exist). So my wife and I found a place to live within a few miles of campus so that I could either jog or bike to work. This built-in exercise regimen (even on rainy days) has become much more than a regular workout; it is now a reflective practice where I meditate on my roles as father, husband, teacher, and member of the UMBC family. "Life in the Slow Lane" for me has created a space where I can gain perspective, drink in the beauty of my surroundings, and find my rhythm in this thrilling adventure that we call "higher education."

Steven McAlpine
Assistant Director, Interdisciplinary Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies