UMBC Wellness Initiative

Success Stories : July 2010

Diane Crump-Fogle

I began walking with a work friend several years ago as a way to help maintain my weight. So, instead of going to lunch together, we would walk the track in the RAC. I have really bad allergies, so I rarely walk the Loop. Also, the track is easier on my knees.

My good friend has since retired from UMBC, but I have continued to walk for years now. It really is one the best exercises you can do. It helps to maintain my weight and it’s a great way to break up my day, which can be very hectic and fast-paced. I find that walking can be a great time for reflection as well. So, I consider it a very important part of my day and whenever possible, I spend about 25 minutes during my day taking a brisk walk.

And I’m not alone. Seeing all of the other staff walking is motivating as well.

Diane Crump-Fogle
Associate Director
Career Services Center