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October 2011: “Acknowledge Yourself as a Co-creator of Healthy Relationships”

This month’s practice is all about self-care, with the intention being to acknowledge all the ways that you tend to the various relationships in your life. Our brains are inherently negative and it can be easy to see the areas that need work in our relationships. We focus on what’s not working and miss all of the gems by ignoring the areas that are working beautifully. What if we instead pause here and reflect on what we are doing to co-create these healthy relationships? What do we do regularly, either by way of our actions, our words, or our presence, to tend to these relationships? The fruits of our efforts are apparent and it’s time to celebrate them! When we can see these things clearly, we can see how far we’ve come and can see the possibilities for future growth that lie ahead.

This month, begin examining relationships that are working well. Get clear on what causes these relationships to work. What part do you play and how does that part matter? Allow your attention to rest here and savor all of the worthy work that you have already done. What lessons have you learned about relationships in the process and how might these lessons be applied to those relationships that are more challenging?