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December 2011: “Have Faith in the Evolution of Your Relationship”

As we move into the wintertime months, we can learn quite a bit from mother nature about how to have faith. What we see outside is stillness and decay, and yet, under the surface of the soil, there is a lot of activity and new life that is beginning. New seeds are germinating that will be born in the Spring and what’s required of us is patience and the ability to have faith in the unknown. Spring will eventually come and with it new life will be born.

Are we that different from nature? Take a look at your relationships. You may see them as solid and fixed, resistant to change. How does the relationship and your partner show up in the presence of this limited story? What happens if you shift to see these relationships and people as evolving, with new seeds of possibility germinating all of the time? When we have faith in the unknown, we allow ourselves and others to evolve in time. Practice cultivating faith in the unknown in your relationships this month. How does this new way of seeing make a difference how you see and engage in your relationships?