UMBC Wellness in the Workplace

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Imaging Research Center (IRC)

We in the IRC knew that walking was good for our health, but it wasn’t always easy to fit into our schedules. Walking at the RAC was an option but deadlines and workload made it easy to skip. Then Dan Bailey, Director of the IRC, had an idea to purchase a WalkStation, which is a desk and treadmill combined. The desk surface is adjustable to different heights and the treadmill goes from .3-2 mph, which is great for working. To make sure the Walkstation could handle the kind of work we do here, along with a computer and monitors we have headphones and adjustable lighting. The WalkStation isn’t a gym, but it does keep us moving and alert. The worst thing to do is sit behind a desk all day. Now we can move and work at the same time.

Imaging Research Center