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The Annual NIDDK Undergraduate Research Conference

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Program Director
Charles Bieberich, Ph.D.

Assistant Director
Jeffrey P. Jarosz

Department of Biological Sciences
Baltimore, MD 21250
Fax 410-455-3875
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Instructional Projects
Kathy Lee Sutphin
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The BSURE/STEP-UP Program at UMBC is a comprehensive summer research program for talented students who are dedicated to the advancement of underrepresented groups in the sciences and mathematics. This program is supported by a grant from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK). Students selected for this internship will experience state-of-the-art scientific research and are encouraged to consider and pursue biomedical research careers in areas of specific interest to the NIDDK. Students are encouraged to identify their own mentor at a research institution of their choice within the contiguous United States and are NOT limited to mentors located at the four coordinating institutions (UMBC, Penn State-Hershey, VCU, CHildren's Hospital Los Angeles). Guidelines for identifying and securing a suitable mentor will be provided. If necessary, the coordinating institutions will assist students in locating a mentor. Students electing to complete their research at UMBC, UMB or Johns Hopkins will be matched to a suitable mentor by our office.

Application is made directly to NIDDK through either their on-line application or from their downloadable paper application - both of which are linked to our website. In addition to the application, interested students are required to submit: (1) official copies of their college transcripts, (2) two letters of recommendation and (3) to write a 600-word essay that describes their reasons for wanting to participate in this undergraduate research opportunity, and explains their specific research interests. Applicants wanting to intern with a specific mentor should also include their top choices for a research mentor along with the location. Applicants not identifying a potential mentor will be assigned a suitable match utilizing the applicant's expressed area of research interest whenever possible.

To be eligible for this program, applicants MUST be available from June 6 through and including August 5, 2011. All selected interns MUST engage in full-time (40 hours per week) research with an approved mentor for the full 10 week experience, and MUST participate in the end of summer research conference scheduled for August 7-14, 2011. Additional requirements include US citizenship or permanent resident status, academic major and performance standards, interest in research and the mission of NIDDK. Please check the NIDDK application website for a complete list of requirements.

Each STEP-UP/BSURE Trainee receives a participation allowance of $4,000. Trainees may reside at home or choose to secure summer housing. Limited housing is available at the UMBC campus and students completing their internship at or near UMBC are strongly encouraged to elect this option to enable ease of access for additional professional enrichment activities. Mentors are eligible to receive up to $750 to be used for reimbursement of consumable laboratory supplies. All travel expenses related to the end of experience NIDDK Research Conference will be provided and are paid for by the program. Transporation to your research site to include daily commuting costs for the duration of the internship as well as food are NOT covered by the program.

(NOTE: Student payments and other benefits from participating in this program may have income tax obligations. For more information, please consult a tax professional and/or the IRS. You may also wish to review."

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