The campus currently has 17 surface parking lots, 3 parking structures and on-street parking on 7 roadways.  In total these facilities provide parking for 7,091 vehicles on the campus, including the Satellite Parking Lots at bwtech@UMBC South.  The accompanying figure and table illustrate the distribution of parking on campus.

The 2009 Planning Study for Parking Facilities determined that the University has sufficient existing parking spaces to meet current demands.  The study concluded that with better utilization of existing lots outside of Hilltop Circle the campus-wide utilization rate would peak at 85%, after the construction of the Performing Arts and Humanities Building.  UMBC is currently implementing improvements to increase the utilization of existing lots which are outside of the loop by improving pedestrian access, increasing safe crossings of Hilltop Circle and improving vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding signage. 



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