Faculty and Staff


A university is defined not just by the quality of its students, but also by the excellence of its faculty and staff. Faculty serve not just as educators, but as mentors, advisors and researchers. UMBC ranks 76th in the nation for prestigious faculty awards, including a Mellon Research Fellow, a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, a Guggenheim Fellow in the humanities, and a Woodrow Wilson Career Enhancement Fellow in the social sciences.

Since 2003, the campus has seen both instructional and non-instructional faculty grow in response to increased student enrollment and sponsored research activities. The number of full-time faculty has increased by 10.1% since 2003. Currently, the ratio of FTE students to FTE instructional faculty is 19.0; and the ratio of FTE students to FTE total faculty is 12.7.


Staff includes the administration, support and maintenance personnel that keep the University functioning. Since 2003, overall staff levels have declined by 7.0% although part-time staff have increased by 2.6%. The reduction in staff is in part a result of realizing increased operational efficiencies, but also as a response to budgetary cutbacks leading to hiring slowdowns and layoffs. Due to these reductions, the current ratio of students to staff has increased from 9.3 in 2003 to 10.8 in 2009.


Graduate Assistants

The primary purpose of graduate assistantships is to enable graduate students to obtain academic or research experience while making progress toward a graduate degree. The University relies on these graduate assistants to augment services provided by faculty and staff. Since 2003, the number of graduate assistants has remained steady.

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