Overall, UMBC’s enrollment grew to 12,870 students in the fall of 2009. This enrollment growth of 8.4% over six years exceeded the 2003 USM projections of 5% over ten years. Full-time enrollment has remained steady at around 75% of the total enrollment.

Total undergraduate enrollment has increased since 2003, growing by 3.1% from a headcount of 9,646 to 9,947. The most dramatic growth has occurred in graduate level enrollment. Graduate student enrollment in fall 1999 was 1,484, in fall 2003 it was 2,226, and today it is 2,923, an increase of nearly 100% in ten years, and 31.3% since 2003.

UMBC as an institution is proud of the diversity of the student body, especially in undergraduate minority enrollments. In 2008, the African American student body comprised 16.5% of the undergraduates, with 21.2% Asian American and 4% of Hispanic origin.

Click Here for a table illustrating UMBC Student Enrollments since 2003.


Credit Hours

Along with an increase in enrollments, student contact credit hours have increased considerably, especially for graduate students. Undergraduates completed 136,197 credit hours in 2009, an increase of 5.1% since 2003. Graduate student credit hours increased dramatically from 11,377 in 2003 to 15,119 in 2009, an increase of 32.9% over the same period.  Click Here for a table of UMBC Student Credit Hours