UMBC has transformed from a commuter campus to a residential campus. While providing on-campus housing has been an important element of this transformation, equally important is providing areas and facilities for social interaction, play and recreation.  Additional facilities for recreation and athletics are needed for a university of this size.  In 2008, training facilities for athletics were dedicated and the following year a new multi-purpose field was constructed.  To meet recreational needs over the next ten years the following projects are planned:

  • Three additional multi-purpose fields for such diverse sports including football, soccer, rugby and field hockey.  These fields will be used by student club and intramural teams.  Where feasible, some fields will be nestled against the natural areas.
  • Several new outdoor basketball courts.  One is currently being funded through the development of the Patapsco Hall addition.
  • New hard-surface, multi-purpose courts for games and sand courts for volleyball.
  • Additional active and passive recreation spaces for students, within or adjacent to the residential communities.
  • An improved play field adjacent to Erickson Hall for pick-up games and unscheduled recreation.
  • A network of trails for jogging, walking, and biking that utilize natural areas and connect other recreational facilities in the area.