Additional Sustainability Initiatives to Support Growth

UMBC is working with an outside energy consultant, Noresco, to develop specific and proven programs and projects to reduce energy usage on campus.  Sustainable initiatives include:

  • Chilled water system – Replace chilled water pumps.  Add variable speed drives for chilled water pumps and cooling tower fans at Central Plant.  Improve chilled water distribution via improvements to the main loop and tertiary systems (replace 3-way valves with 2-way valves).
  • Space utilization – Improve building utilization and scheduling for increased efficiency by the consolidation of night classes into fewer buildings.
  • Water conservation – Ensure appropriate devices are in place for low flow for toilets, urinals, faucets, and shower heads.  Repair/replace devices as needed.  Evaluate waterless urinals via trial installation.
  • Combined Heat and Power System – Investigating grants to replace two boilers with a natural gas turbine producing four megawatts of electricity. The waste heat will be recovered via a flue gas heat exchanger providing heating water for the campus. In the summer months, the heat recovery system will power an absorption chiller providing chilled water for air conditioning.