Post-trip Activities

  1. Have students create PowerPoint presentations which answer the focus question.
  2. Compare and contrast the lives of the three different groups (from the field trip flip books) in either a visual or written format.
  3. Compare and contrast the impact of the American Revolution on each of the three groups in either a visual or written format.
  4. Have students create a virtual tour of Hampton using photos and information gathered during the trip.
  5. Have students write a journal entry from the perspective of someone who lived at Hampton, which would include information about their life at Hampton and/or the impact of the American Revolution.
  6. Have students write a persuasive letter on why Hampton National Historic Site should be a required field trip.
  7. Have students respond to the question, “Which group of people living at Hampton were most impacted by the American Revolution and why?”
  8. Research the history of Hampton since the American Revolution.
  9. Research other sites in Maryland that would have played a role in or been similarly affected by the American Revolution.
  10. Have students research the life of a child at Hampton and compare it to their life.
  11. Write and perform historical skits or reenactments that depict life at Hampton or the impact of the American Revolution on the different groups of people living at Hampton.
  12. Write letters of application to Captain Ridgley asking to become one of Hampton’s paid workers.
  13. Create tri-fold or poster in which students demonstrate what they learned visually.


  • Acknowlegements and Credits
  • BCPS News
  • Planning a Field Trip to Hampton
This project was developed through a Teaching American History Grant partnership between Baltimore County Public Schools and the Center for History Education at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), with assistance from Hampton National Historic Site, National Park Service.
Contact Hampton National Historic Site at 410-823-1309 ex. 207 to arrange for class visits. |