National History Education Standards

Era 3- Revolution and the New Nation (1754-1820s):
Standard 2B- The student understands the economic issues arising out of the Revolution.
Standard 2C- The student understands the Revolution's effects on different social groups.
Standard 3B- The student understands economic life and the development of labor systems in the English colonies.

Maryland State Curriculum

B. Emergence, Expansion and Changes in Nations and Empires

2. Analyze the growth and development of colonial America

a. Describe the religious, political and economic motives of individuals who migrated to North America and the difficulties they encountered.
b. Compare the political, economic and social lives of people in New England, Middle and the Southern colonies.
C. Analyze the different roles and viewpoints of individuals and groups, such as women, men, free and enslaved Africans, and Native Americans during the Revolutionary period.


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