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World History Education Summer Institute
June 28 – July 12, 1999

Colloquium in World History Education, 1914-1945 (Hist 726)

Professor Ka-che Yip, UMBC Department of History
Professor Daniel Ritschel, Director, UMBC Center for History Education
Professor Kibibi Mack, UMBC Department of Africana Studies
Mr. Bruce Lesh, Director, Maryland Council for History Education

The course was designed for middle and high school social studies teachers, with an eye to the forthcoming Maryland State Department of Education World History Content Standards. Particular emphasis was given to selected historical topics, lesson plan development, bibliographies, and collections of primary material for use in classrooms. Historiographical issues, as well as new research and teaching technologies such as Internet sites and electronic finding aids, were featured.

The course focused on the Western World and Africa in the first week and Asia in the second week. Morning sessions consisted of lectures and discussions on assigned readings. During the afternoon sessions, participants collaborated on lesson plans and instructional materials and heard presentations from history professionals on a variety of relevant themes, including the use of primary sources in the classroom and online historical research.

At the conclusion of the course, participants had developed two 10-page essays and two lesson plans on a choice of two of the themes and related readings.

Lectures and Related Discussion Topics:

Europe and Africa, 1914-1945
East Asia, 1914-1945

Europe and Africa, 1914-1945

First World War
Discussion: “The War Guilt Debate”
(MD World History Standards: 15.12.2; 16.12.1; 17.12.1)

The Bolshevik Revolution
Discussion: “Interpreting the October Revolution”
(MD World History Standards: 17.12.3)

Africa in the World Depression
(MD World History Standards: 16.12.1; 16.12.5; 18.12.4)

The Rise of Fascism
Discussion: “Adolf Hitler”
(MD World History Standards: 18.12.1; 18.12.4; 19.12.1)

African Liberation Movements Before WWII
(MD World History Standards: 18.12.2)

The Holocaust
(MD World History Standards: 19.12.1; 19.12.3)

Teaching the Holocaust with Film
Discussion: Critique of Schindler’s List
(MD World History Standards: 19.12.1; 19.12.3)

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East Asia, 1914-1945

In Search of a New Order: East Asia in the 1910s and 1920s
(MD World History Standards: 16.12.2 & 16.12.4)

The Nationalist Revolution in China
(MD World History Standards: 16.12.4 & 18.12.2)
Japanese Militarism and Imperialism
(MD World History Standards: 17.12.1 & 19.12.1)

Second Sino-Japanese War and the Pacific War
(MD World History Standards: 19.12.1; 19.12.2; 19.12.3)

The Communist Revolution in China
(MD World History Standards: 20.12.2)

Special Topics:

“Using Primary Sources in the Classroom”
Maryland History Day Program

Historical Research on the Internet
Kim Collins, UMBC Center for History Education

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