UMBC An Honors University in Maryland
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Ronita Lee Marple | Jennifer Thwing | Christopher Kenneth Burke | Eleanor Boyle Chlan | Manoj Sivakumar | Matt McGloin | Thomas Occhipinti | Melissa Taylor | David Dalrymple | Steven Wiley | Sean Lindsay | Aaron Ralby | Erum Marfani | Isaac Kinde | Claire Deckert | Gregory Lowe | Lynne Ruchlewicz | Colin McGuigan | Amy Holthouse | Kenneth Gibbs | Erin Loeliger | Natasha Wilson | Candace Weinreich | Mary Potorti | Lauren Perskie

Students arrive at UMBC with ambition and vision, and the University helps them achieve their goals. Meet some of our outstanding graduates, and find out why we’re confident we’ll be reading about their achievements for years to come.

Lauren Perskie Mary Potorti Candace Weinreich Natasha Wilson Erin Loeliger Kenneth Gibbs Amy Holthouse Colin McGuigan Lynne Ruchlewicz Gregory Lowe Claire Deckert Isaac Kinde Erum Marfani Aaron Ralby Sean Lindsay Steven Wiley David Dalrymple Thomas Occhipinti Melissa Taylor Matt McGloin Manoj Sivakumar Eleanor Boyle Chlan Christopher 
        Kenneth Burke Jennifer Thwing Ronita Lee Marple