Kwayas, Kandas, Kiosks (Barz)


Chakacha See mchiriku
Daladala A bus or mini-van, a mode of transportation
Dansi Urban jazz dance music
Jazzi Urban jazz dance music
Kabila (ma-) Ethnic group, tribal identity
Kanda Audio cassette tape
Katibu Secretary of a kwaya
Kayamba Reed-box rattle with dried seed inside
Kitenge Cotton fabric or cloth with colorful prints
Kwaya Kiswahili for "choir"
Kwasa Kwasa Zairean popular dance music
Kwela Urban dance music
Manyanga Hollow gourd rattles filled with seeds and pebbles
Mapambio/pambio Sung call-and-response kwaya piece, a chorus
Mchiriku Youth band style, thought to be a revival of the earlier chakacha style
Mwalimu Teacher, leader, conductor of a kwaya
Mwanakwaya (wana-) A singer in a kwaya, literally a child of the kwaya
Mwanaratibu Master of ceremony, lit., "child of the schedule"
Mwenyekiti Chair Person of a kwaya
Ngoma A drum, a dance in which a drum is used, also used as a general term for non-Western, traditional music (not making the distinction between dance and music)
Nyimbo Songs or hymns, usually referring to European songs
Pambio Singular of Mapambio
Safi Literally, "fresh"
Sauti ya nne Bass, lit. "fourth voice"
Soukous Zairean popular dance music
Taarab An East African coastal and Zanzibari musical performance tradition originally imported from Egypt
Uhuru Tanzanian Independence, 1961
Usharika Congregation/community
Ushirika Community
Ujamaa Tanzania's specific post-Independence program of socialism
Vigelegele Ululation, shout of joy by women
Vijana Youth

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