EOL video review

The JVC/Smithsonian Folkways
Video Anthology of
Music and Dance of the Americas

in six volumes



volume one review1. Canada and the United States:
Secular Traditions

volume 2 cover 2. European and Other Secular Music
and Dance Traditions in the United States

volume 3 cover 3. The United States:
Sacred Traditions

volume 4 cover4. The Caribbean

volume 5 cover
volume 6 cover
5. Central and South America:
Belize, Guyana, Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia

6. Central and South America:
Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Venezuela

Janet Sturman was original Review Editor for these JVC/Smithsonian videos. Cynthia Barlow and Erica Reiter assisted with original binary captures and edits. Current EOL staff completed binary and text editing.

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