EOL 5: Interactive review of software (Signell)

sample notation

Finale 98
music notation software

Finale 98 for Macintosh, Windows 95/98/NT. Coda Music Technology (1997)


Reader interaction

I can't cover all the questions and answers about music notation software in this review. But the ethnomusicology community can. We'll post a link from this review to your response to this review and to other responses, offering corrections, questions and problems, solutions, and other comments about Finale. Please email the SEM-L list or this reviewer. Screen captures or Finale ETF (Enigma Transportable File) files often clarify points but kindly ask before attaching to email.





Previous review

Signell 1991 reviewed eleven music notation programs, among them Finale. Discussion there of criteria for selecting music notation software still holds true mostly. The review you are reading will be updated if Coda later supplies Finale 2000 for review.


Karl Signell

References cited

Signell, Karl. 1991. "Music notation software," Journal of the American Musicological Society 44/1:136-148.

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14 January, 2000