Mr. ChenChen Naihuai (1924-2001), also known to family and friends as Chen Jiu (because he was the ninth son), is a native of the county-level city of Chenghai in the Chaozhou region. He is a master of the yangqin (dulcimer) and the yehu (coconut fiddle), two instruments which mainly have secondary roles within the Chaozhou xianshi ensemble. He was greatly admired for the way he balanced ensemble playing with soloistic turns on both instruments during performance, for the beauty of his melodic phrases, and the delicate subtlety and expressiveness of his playing.

In 1958, Mr. Chen became the resident yangqin player of the Chenghai Yixiang Chaozhou Opera Troupe. After retiring from performance with the troupe, he turned his attention to teaching the instrument to upcoming yangqin players. He also performed in a non-professional capacity with renowned Chaozhou musicians such as Yang Guangquan and Wang Anming. In 1983, together with Mr. Yang, Mr. Wang, and eighteen other musicians from Chenghai, Mr. Chen formed a Chaozhou xianshi ensemble which had the distinction of being the first Chaozhou music group to go and perform in Hong Kong in the post-Mao reform period.

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