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Tullia was writing to me in Italian and I was writing to her in Spanish since 1992 after we first met in Madrid during an encounter of the International Society of Musicology. Some months later she received me in Venice. For more than twelve years I have been meeting the scholars she was bringing together in the Fondazione Ugo e Olga Levi whose doors were opened with kind hospitality by the professor Giulio Cattin. She worked a lot to prepare encounters of the Study Group on Anthropology of Music in Mediterranean Cultures, trying  to combine concretion, accuracy, imagination and plurality in order to arrive each time at some constructive and general conclusions. Always she worked hard, even when with her personal elegance helped people to be read far beyond the Mediterranean area. She dedicated an important part of her time in collaboration with others to provide useful instruments of work to our community. I cannot imagine the educational practice of the ethnomusicology in Spain without the support of her journal Music and Anthropology and her Italian publications for students as Uomini e Suoni or Universi Sonori. Message after message we maintained a dynamical traffic of ideas between the encounters in any place of the world and always charged with a sincere friendship. It is not casual that to "laborare" with her was so exciting and comfortable. She was more than an outstanding scholar for many people and for me she is part of my life and I am pleased -and very sad- to become now so tangibly aware of it. (Joaquina Labajo)
Tullia Magrini was an intense, committed ethnomusicologist and human being. She was active in the International Council for Traditional Music in many capacities. Through her publications and conferences she successfully highlighted the significance of a comparative and analytic understanding of the music of the Mediterranean and the world. She will be greatly missed.
(Anthony Seeger, Secretary General, International Council for Traditional Music)


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