Comparing Scales


We have two scales, one with 5 notes, the other with 7 notes. Click on each of the five numbered notes below first. Then click on each of all seven notes.

You can also try out the virtual xylophone.

  Roneat key 1Roneat key 2Roneat key 3Roneat key 3pRoneat key 4Roneat key 5Roneat key 5pRoneat key 1 

The Western scale has seven basic notes and five auxiliary notes. Compare the pitches of these seven basic notes on the piano to the pitches of our xylophone.

  Piano key 1Piano key 2Piano key 3Piano key 4Piano key 5Piano key 6Piano key 7Piano key 8 


Some simplified scales

Cambodian Western Turkish Indian
scale 5 or 7 7 7 7
available 7 12 24 12