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Among the articles in TMQ, you will find a long-running series of reports on Turkish music by foreigners, from 1433 (!) to 1813, including the report (1751) of the world's first ethnomusicologist, Charles Fonton. Unpublished elsewhere, Robert Martin's compiling and translating of these reports is a major contribution to Turkish music studies.

Other TMQ contributors include Cem Behar, Bayram Bilge Toker, Walter Feldman, Bülent Aksoy, Cinuçen Tanrıkorur, Alma Kunanbayeva, Dane Kusić, Yetkin Özer, Feza Tansuğ, Edwin Seroussi, Anthony Tammer, and Gultekin Shamilly.

Contents below do not list news, conference reports, reviews, or complete scores

I/1 1988

Feldman: "A New Transcription from the Cantemir Collection"
Signell: "Gül yüzlülerin şevkine gel" score
Signell: "Mozart and the Mehter" article

I/2 1988

Fonton/Martin: "Essay Comparing Turkish Music with European Music" (1751)

II/1 1989

Fonton, contd.

II/2-3 1989

Toker: "Turkish folk music"
Martin: Historical series, 1433 to 1599

II/4 1989

Aksoy: "Is the Question of the Origin of Turkish Music not Redundant?"
Martin series: 1573 to 1614

III/1 1990

Tanrıkorur: "Concordance of Prosodic and Musical Meters in Turkish Classical Music"

III/2-3 1990

Kunanbayeva: "The Kazakh Epic: Modernization and Return"
Özer: "Process in Usul Analysis"

III/4 1990

Martin/Albert Bobowski/Ali Ufki (1666)

IV/1 1991

Kusić: "Topical peculiarity of terminology in the reading of Kur'an in Turkey."
Martin: 1668, 1697

IV/2 1991

Tanrıkorur: "Introduction to Terennüm in Turkish Music"
Tansuğ: "Ahmet Adnan Saygun: The Loss of a Pioneer"

IV/3 1991

Seroussi: "The Peşrev as a Vocal Genre in Ottoman Hebrew Sources"
Martin/Donato (1688)

IV/4 1991
V/1 1992

Özer: "Change in the Concept of Rhythm in the Ottoman Period"
Martin: 1716 to 1767

V/2-3 1992

Shamilly: "Mirza-Bey's 'Treatise on Music'" (17 c.)
Martin: 1626 to 1720

V/4 1992
VI/1 1993

Tammer: "Construction of the Turkish ney"
Aksoy: "An Early-Nineteenth Century English Transcription of a Turkish Song"
Martin: 1794 to 1813


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